Large Airtanker Reloader Training

Large Airtanker Reloader Training

Air support is a vital part of how we fight fires, enabling large amounts of water to be dumped from a high altitude.

While many people know of these capabilities, you may not know about the men and women behind the scenes that load these aircraft, so they are able to support frontline firefighters in times of need.

Today we go behind the scenes to see how they train to be ready for when they are called upon.  

Westernport Group

Consisting of 14 brigades and 1 from Coast Guard, the Westernport Group has a unique landscape that consists of a long marine coastline and the inclusion of Coast Guard within the group has seen significant benefits to the community. 

We spoke to members of the group to find out more  

Interview with Nicki Lund, Captain of Eildon Fire Brigade for International Womens' Day

International Women's Day 2023

Nicki Lund wants women everywhere to know what they can achieve. 

As Eildon Fire Brigade's first woman Lieutenant, and now Captain, Nicki is passionate about inspiring everyone within her brigade to grow and learn.  

Road Crash Rescue safety video

State Firefighter Championships

The CFA/VFBV State Firefighter Championships have a rich tradition and are an integral part of CFA.

The events see brigades come from across the state to compete, connect and share knowledge and skills. 

State Championships aim to celebrate CFA and showcase the organisation to both its members and the wider community.Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s events!  

Knox Group familiarisation excercise

Knox Group Familiarisation excercise

Everyday emergency services are out there working as one, helping those in their time of need. Collaborative training opportunities are critical to ensuring the best outcomes following an incident.

Take a look behind the scenes as CFA’s Knox group of brigades joined forces with local Forest Fire Management, Ambulance Victoria and Victoria State Emergency Service crews to run through how they would work together in a emergency scenario.  

Fijian volunteers at Swan Hill Fire Brigade

Eight new members hailing from Fiji joined the CFA family over the weekend when they were presented with their operational uniforms in a traditional service after completing their General Firefighter course.

Having arrived as part of the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Program, we spoke to Josateki Vunimasi and Swan Hill Fire Brigade Captain, Michael Howard about serving their community in Swan Hill as well as their time at CFA.  

Morgan and Montanna Maud

Morgan and Montanna Maud, sisters from Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade

Sisters Morgan and Montanna Maud joined the Mosquito Creek Rural Fire Brigade together last year, having learnt the importance of volunteering from their parents.

After completing their General Firefighter course, the pair recently attended their first turnouts.

We spoke to them about what they’ve learnt, what they’re looking forward to, and the benefits of having their sister with them on this journey  

New Alpine Track Pumpers launch video for the CFA that was used for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as corporate events

Alpine Track Pumpers reel

A companion reel for Instagram as part of the new Alpine Track Pumpers launch where a number of different content was shot at Mt Hotham over three days. 

The challenging conditions made filming difficult as Victoria was experiencing a polar surge, causing rain, snow and wild winds affecting the ability to film at certain points. Visibility was also extremely poor during filming.

Arthurs Creek Large Animal Rescue Unit

Not just equipped to fight fires, Arthur’s Creek Fire Brigade is also one of two CFA Brigades that assist large animal rescues.

The brigade's volunteers hone their skills by training fortnightly in different scenarios that our four legged friends find themselves in.  

Emergency Services Memorial

Today family members of our fallen firefighters gathered to mark the official opening of the Victorian Emergency Services Memorial at Treasury Gardens in Melbourne’s CBD. The memorial includes fallen members from CFA, @@firerescuevictoria/MFB, @vicsesnews, Forest Fire Management Victoria (@delwp_vic), @ambulancevic@lifesavingvic and Marine Search and Rescue.

This memorial will be a special place for families of our fallen emergency services community to remember those they have lost.

Alpine Fire Safety

Filmed at Mt Hotham, this is a video is a safety message for holiday makers that plan to travel to the snow during the long weekend when snow season starts.

Whittlesea Fire Brigade participates in the Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb challenge

Eight volunteers from Whittlesea Fire Brigade hit the stairs every Sunday training for this year’s Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb.

We caught up with the team’s first-time climbers, Steph and Lauren about why they are taking on the challenge to raise money for mental health. Good luck team and see you at the top of the stairs!

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